Official TOEFL iBT Tests with Audio: Educational Testing Service

Educational Testing Service Broschiertes Buch Authentic TOEFL questions from the test-makers themselves! Official TOEFL iBT Tests with Audio contains five actual retired TOEFL test forms with authentic TOEFL reading, listening, speaking, and writing questions. Each form includes an answer key and complete audio transcripts. You also get audio for all the listening passages of the … Weiterlesen

Official TOEFL Vocabulary 3000: Become a True Master of TOEFL Vocabulary… Quickly and Effectively!

Introducing TOEFL Vocabulary 3000: The most comprehensive audio course for TOEFL Vocabulary on the market. Learn how to master proper spelling, pronunciation, definitions, and synonyms/antonyms through the use of these unique audio exercises. There are three levels (Easy, Medium and Difficult) that each consist of 10 powerful exercises covering 100 words each. You’ll discover high-frequency … Weiterlesen